Project Description


Ambassadors Program

The LECOM School of Pharmacy Student Ambassadors Program has been developed to address the need for well-informed, positive and professional students to represent the School for recruitment, public relations and development activities. Selected students participate in a variety of activities arranged by the Director of Admissions, Director of Student Services, and the Office of Communications and Marketing. The Student Ambassador Program serves the School by participating in a variety of activities which may include: hosting prospective students who attend On-Campus Day events and interviews, serving as a “contact person” for accepted students, and, serving as a “resource person” for currently enrolled students.  Ambassadors should be excellent representatives of the School’s student body. Selection is competitive and will be by application only. Students about to complete their first academic year will be eligible to apply to be an Ambassador.  Applications will be accepted from students in the spring term of their first academic year.  In order to apply, all of the following must be met: a minimum GPA of 3.0 or greater, be in good academic standing, and no violations of the Code of Student Conduct.  Applicants must complete the written application, including a short written essay explaining why the student wishes to become an Ambassador and what special qualities, experiences he/she has had which would benefit the Ambassadors Program.  Applications will be reviewed by the Director of Admissions and the Director of Student Services.



President: Saeed Habeb