As COVID continues to impact us and cause uncertainty and stress, and we face many challenges in our nation, I want to talk about the struggle to stay positive at times when there is so much negative around us. When things are dark, it can seem like an insurmountable challenge to keep our light. This is certainly true in the midst of a pandemic or other large scale things going on. It is just as true for the day to day obstacles we encounter that leave us discouraged. This can be a struggle, especially as we get worn out. We see things going on around us and we ask questions such as “why do bad things happen to good people.” We try to make sense of what sometimes we cannot. We have already touched on the word resilience and I want to bring that back now. It is so important when we face tough times and enables us to rebound and keep moving forward. As students, you encounter many obstacles on your professional journey. This resilience is critical to make you able cope with those as well as the tough situations outside of LECOM. We need to know what helps us recover and foster those things even in the “blue sky” times, so we can call upon them when it gets dark. We need to intentionally surround ourselves with extra support and incorporate loads of good self-care habits. We need to remember that these challenges are temporary and that they do not define us. Below is a link to an excellent article from Cleveland Clinic on coping with frustration during COVID, as well as some other great resources to help keep positive. I wish you a peaceful and positive week.

Take care, Dr. Dunbar

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