As this semester keeps moving along (at warp speed, right?) I want to take this opportunity to walk you through support resources available to you and how you can (very easily) access them. As you have so many demands on your plates, my aim is to make it as easy as possibly to get find what can help you excel during your time at LECOM. First, in my role as Director of Behavioral Health, I am available to you for consultation and support. This can be around any number of needs you may be experiencing: adjustment concerns, relationship issues, stress management, anxiety, mood, etc. I can also assist you in facilitating referrals to outside resources that can provide confidential services. I can help direct you to providers that are accepting new patients, know their specific areas of expertise, and those who would fit your preferences and needs. You can access me by email, phone, or by showing up at my door. (I am on the 4th floor… A4-358.) My goal is to support you academically and personally and help you be as successful as possible. This is a stressful educational process and environment and I want to help you to get what you need. Rest assured that seeking support or behavioral health services has no impact on your academic or professional progress or standing at LECOM (unless there are concerns about safety, zero tolerance issues, or significant concerns impacting functioning requiring mandated intervention.)
There are also numerous resources that you can utilize outside of LECOM. First is Crisis Services. This is a 24/7/365 service that can be accessed by phone. They have a wide range of offerings that can be provided to you. They are a resource just to talk about whatever is going on at that time. They can provide referral to resources in the community as well or talk you through a situation where you may be trying to assist someone else. (You do not need to be in it alone.) They assist in management of crises by phone and are also able to come directly to the situation. They can assess the situation and determine what intervention is needed. This can include de-escalation and referral to appropriate level of care. If hospitalization is needed they also facilitate that process. They are there to support you in any way that is needed.
Millcreek Community Hospital offers a variety of behavioral health and substance abuse services. They provide both inpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment. These can be accessed through Crisis Services or the Emergency Department at MCH. There is also a wide array of outpatient treatment available in the community. Safe Harbor Behavioral Health offers outpatient counseling and psychiatric services. Stairways Behavioral Health offers outpatient mental health, substance abuse, dual diagnosis and psychiatric services. Both agencies offer walk-in intake assessment and no external referral is needed. These are just two of the options in the community available to you. There are other organizations and individual providers I can help direct you to, based on your specific needs and what you are looking for.
There are some other specialized services in our community that are very important for you to be aware of. One is SafeNet. This agency provides counseling, legal advice, and shelter services for those dealing with relationship violence. The Crime Victim Center offers support for victims (and families) of those impacted by violent crime of any type. This includes individual and group counseling and support through the legal process. Both agencies provide their services free of charge.
Another confidential resource available to LECOM students and employees is the Work Life Balance Assistance Program. Work Life Balance is a one-stop resource that offers consultation, information, and personalized community referrals, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for students, employees and their family members. Examples include: child care and elder care referrals, counseling sessions, legal referrals, assistance in buying a home, referrals for any of your buying needs, etc. Learn more at: User ID and Password: lifebalance

Toll free number:1-800-854-1446
Please feel free to seek me out with any questions about these resources and how to access them. I am happy to answer any questions you have and assist you in getting what you may need to take care of yourself and your overall wellness on this journey you are on.
Wishing you a wonderful week! Take care, Dr. Dunbar