I hope the past week has treated you all well and that you were able to use at least some of your weekend to recoup and relax. Last week, I shared about the crucial role sleep plays in our management of stress. This week, it is about another practical concern that impacts our stress- diet and nutrition. It can be very difficult in our world today to make good food choices or at least to have the time to do that. We are also inundated by processed or fast food that is quick, ready, and cheaper. (That being said, I know it is even tougher for you with the schedule that you have to maintain.) This makes it a VERY BIG uphill battle to have good nutrition and use that to our advantage in terms of mental and physical health. We know all of the data. It is good in theory…but much harder to implement in reality. SO, I wanted to provide you some useful information and tools below to help make this easier. Your well-being is MOST IMPORTANT and here is another tool to help in that direction. I wish you a healthy and happy week ahead.
Take care, Dr. Dunbar