As you start another demanding week and move towards the end of your semester, I want to challenge you to think about two things: priority setting and self-care. Given all that is on your plate, I know this is a HUGE challenge, but it can also make a HUGE difference in how you manage stress and in your overall success personally and academically. We learn to ignore our own needs in service of accomplishing our “to do” list and are trained to over-value multi-tasking. Because of this, we need to work hard to intentionally cultivate new, healthier habits. This means evaluating our priorities and putting our energy into what is important to us. Taking time for ourselves is crucial to physical and mental wellness (and maximizing performance and achieving our goals.) It does not mean a life overhaul, but small changes that can make a big impact. Please check out the resources below for more information to get you started or to take your self-care to the next level.

Wishing you a productive and happy week!

Dr. Dunbar